[...] "The presence of a charismatic violin soloist like Markus Placci, gave an even greater weight to the message. The young performer proved how classical music can be renovated and be the source for attraction and congregation for young generations."

"Vigour, force, but also dynamic balance, the strong points of the interpretation."

(Il Gazzettino)

"[…]Markus Placci, winner of the “Carl Flesch Preis” of the Foundation of the Baden-Baden Philarmonie, and of the “Brahms Preis”, bewitched the public as the violin soloist."

 "With an expressive and virtuoso performance, full of felt passion and sensitive delicacy, the young performer excited the hall, both in the cadenza and in the homogeneous tutti."

"A long applause and “Bravos” screams largely underlined the performance."  

(Badische Neuste Nachrichten)

 -“Placci cleverly and generously rendered these pages both in a stylistic, and in an interpretative and technical sense."

"He properly exalted the melodic line through an extremely accurate and plastic phrasing, a full and levigated sound, now velvety, now “vitreous”, always sustained by a beautiful vibrato […]"

"At the end, a classic, the Frank Sonata, in which Placci reinforced his qualities of musical culture and intelligence […]”

(La Voce, Croatia)

The fascinating violin of young violinist Markus Placci is an authentic promise for the future

-“Vicenza. If a career is measured by the precocity of achievements, violinist Markus Placci has gold cards in his carnet."  

"Even though only 19, Placci widely demonstrated to possess qualities and expressions of an already very mature and expert artist. It is easy to imagine him among the big names in the future." 

"Never forcing in the discourse and dialogue with the piano, he possesses a free, natural bow arm and sound, and an absolute technical control." 

"Everything is done with great naturalness and serenity." 

Extremely musical, Placci offered an intense and full-bodied repertoire. The program opened with a brilliant and fresh Sonatina by Dvorak, followed by the Sonata op. 100 by Brahms. Here Placci found material to express a velvety singing line, a caressing tone, and, in the Allegretto grazioso that concludes the Sonata, a felt inner mood. Definitely different the Sonata in F minor by Prokofiev where the violin explores dreamy worlds to be expressed with the four strings. This work offers great virtuosity, intimate and melancholic passages, and austere and rigorous precision. Placci was able to communicate all these aspects of the work, and ended his program with the fascinating and difficult Tzigane by Ravel. A work that measures the abilities and the artistic skills of anyone who wants to be called “violinist”. The young 19 year old demonstrated all this with brilliant intelligence and talent.”

(Giornale di Vicenza)